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ADA – KESS: Systematic Cost Reduction


ADA & KESS in detail

Once the air requirements and operating conditions have been firmly established, detailed planning can begin. All relevant parameters including required pressure level, delivery volume, air quality, system performance and energy consumption are taken into consideration when designing the new system.

Whatever your compressed air application, you can be certain that KAESER's highly experienced project engineers will deliver a system that operates with maximum efficiency and which meets all of your specific compressed air needs.

Unrivalled expertise, combined with a detailed knowledge of KAESER’s range of compressed air products, enable the KAESER experts to take advantage of every possible way to keep energy consumption costs to a minimum.

01 Actual compressed air demand

The first stage when planning any compressed air system is to determine the actual air demand. KAESER experts gain a detailed insight into compressed air usage by carrying out an air demand analysis (ADA).

02 Check power consumption

Exact figures show the actual power consumption and energy-efficiency of each simulated system. This information forms the basis for the next step towards determining which system is the most energy efficient.

Comparing specific power

Only when the actual power consumption is compared with the volume of air delivered can the specific power requirement be calculated. This information then provides a true picture of the various systems’ energy efficiency.

04 Determining the optimum solution

The data gathered from the ADA is analysed using the KAESER Energy Saving System (KESS). This advanced software developed by KAESER KOMPRESSOREN doesn’t simply come up with one solution, but offers the most efficient and economical one from several possibilities.

05 Realistic energy savings

KAESER’s ADA and KESS analysis / evaluation tools provide a realistic forecast of the energy savings that can be expected from a proposed compressed air system.

06 Outstanding dependability

An effective compressed air system should provide maximum availability at all times. It goes without saying therefore, that KAESER engineers always pay particular attention to ensure that every compressed air system is designed to deliver outstanding dependability and performance.

07 Planning with CAD

The actual installation environment can be recreated down to the smallest detail using advanced CAD technology to allow the customer to take a virtual tour of his future compressed air system long before the first compressor is even installed.

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