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Rotary screw compressors
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Lower life-cycle costs


Energy costs taken over the lifetime of any compressor add up to many times that of the initial capital cost, which can make any purchase price difference a false economy. Efficiency and reliability are vital in the production of compressed air and KAESER achieves these objectives with quality, durable components that are built to last.

Energy-saving KAESER rotary screw compressors can help users to significantly reduce their compressed air costs.

Benefit the environment and save costs with heat recovery:

The waste heat generated during compressed air production represents a consider-able potential saving, since 100 percent of the energy fed to a compressor is converted into heat. This is energy that can be utilised. In fact, up to 96 % of the energy that is used to produce compressed air remains available for reuse. This not only enables huge annual financial savings, but also helps to considerably reduce CO2-emissions.

The scale of the savings effect depends on the size of the compressors and the primary energy source that is used (electricity, gas, fuel oil). Moreover, many older compressor models can even be retrofitted to provide heat recovery.

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