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"High pressure" refrigeration Dryers - THP Series


Technical Specifications

THP series
Flow rate 0.8 to 106.18 m³/min

Dependable performance even at high ambient temperatures
The quality of a refrigeration dryer is best judged by how effectively and reliably it can separate condensate, particularly at high ambient temperatures. With this in mind, the developers at KAESER Kompressoren created the THP refrigeration dryer series. Featuring highly efficient refrigeration circuits, these dryers are designed for optimum performance. The air circulating system for the corrosion resistant stainless steel plate heat exchanger further illustrates this, as it is made from stainless steel and copper piping. The key aim of any refrigeration dryer is to provide reliable condensate separation, which is why KAESER uses a separate stainless steel condensate separator. The flow-optimised piping also ensures minimal pressure differential. KAESER refrigeration dryers combine all of these features to ensure exceptional air treatment in accordance with EN 60204-1, which means dependable, sustained pressure dew point performance of +3°C even at high ambient temperatures up to +43°C.

   Powerful cooling systems
The refrigeration dryers in THP series units feature powerful cooling systems. These include a high quality refrigerant compressor, generously-dimensioned heat exchanger surfaces, as well as cleverly designed cooling air flow. This combination therefore ensures dependable operation even at high temperatures and guarantees stable pressure dew points at all times.
   Flow optimised piping
The smaller the pressure differential within a dryer, the more efficient its performance. All THP dryers operate with exceptionally low pressure differential values thanks to quality, flow optimised stainless steel piping.
   ECO DRAIN - High pressure version
The 45 bar THP Series dryer is equipped with a high pressure ECO DRAIN 12 condensate drain as standard. This ensures even more efficient condensate removal without any pressure loss and also saves energy. The electronic condensate drain is optional for the 50 bar version.

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