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TH – TI Series Refrigeration Dryers


Technical specifications

TH – TI Series
Air flow: 37.5 to 90 m³/min

Energy saving dryer

Savings all day, every day
Energy-saving dryers from Kaeser Kompressoren enable significant savings all day, every day. For example, at 40 % airflow they consume only 43 % of their nominal energy requirement. This saves several thousand Euros in energy costs compared with conventional dryers.
refrigerant compressor   Super efficient refrigerant compressor
The newly developed refrigerant compressor is able to regulate the volume of refrigerant that circulates within the refrigeration circuit in such a way that it also reduces the compressor’s power consumption. Electrical power is therefore consumed only when actually drying air.
control cabinet   Industrial quality control cabinet
Every KAESER energy-saving dryer is EN 60204-1 compliant and is tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with applicable EMC standards. Unlike equipment conforming to VDE 0700, TH – TI series refrigeration dryers conform to strict industrial standards.
heat exchanger   Premium quality plate heat exchanger
The air/air and air/refrigerant stainless steel plate heat exchangers were specially developed for use in refrigeration dryers. Generously sized copper piping not only ensures minimal pressure drop, but also saves energy.

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