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Condensate treatment


Technical specifications

For compressor capacities up to 100 m³/min

Aquamat condensate treatment

Tested and certified condensate treatment
Tested and certified by the Berlin Institute for Design and Technology, the AQUAMAT system provides state-of-the-art condensate treatment. This not only assures outstanding system performance coupled with significantly reduced waste treatment costs, but also provides considerable benefits for the environment.

   High performance filter material
All pre- and main-filter cartridges feature high performance filter material (not activated charcoal). Furthermore, the upstream separation reservoir with gravitational pre-separation enables maintenance intervals to be significantly extended and enhances reliability. (Not applicable to CF3 model).
   Clearly visible alarm indicator
The level sensor clearly indicates the degree of filter contamination. The filter should be changed as soon as this indicator becomes obvious. The user can check operation of the AQUAMAT by referring to the cloudiness test containers and consequently schedule maintenance as necessary (Recommendation: Check operation 1 x per week).
   Clean filter change
Removal of the main filter cartridge is made simple via the convenient handle. The filter can then be easily fixed to the AQUAMAT casing to drain. Filter changes are therefore quick and clean. Pre-soaking of the new filter is not necessary.
   Multiple inlets
Up to four condensate lines can be connected as standard (from AQUAMAT CF 9 upwards). Plastic plugs for blocking off unused connections are included within the scope of delivery.
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