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Intelligent design for unrivalled blower block durability



OMEGA Series
Delivery: 0.59 to 159 m³/min
Pressure up to 1000 mbar
Vacuum to -500 mbar

Precision machining
Advanced CNC-controlled machining centres enable rotor profiles and gears to be precision machined within a tolerance of a thousandth of a millimetre. Minimal clearance between the ends of the rotors and the block casing ensures outstanding efficiency due to exceptionally low air reflow – this also allows low speed blower operation. Discharge air temperatures of up to 160 °C are possible, as the blower block is heated very little during operation. All block casings and rotors are manufactured within exact tolerances to guarantee consistently high product quality.
seals   Non-wearing seal
Well-proven piston ring labyrinth seals with pressure relief channels between the flow- and oil-chambers are fitted as standard.
bearing   Generously sized bearings
Heavy-duty cylinder roller bearings completely absorb the continuously changing radial gas-forces that are exerted on the rotors. As a result, they avoid the springing effect of self-aligning bearings and last up to ten times longer with the same loading.
precise synchronisation   Precision synchronisation
High precision 5f 21-rated spur-ground timing gears have minimal flank clearance and a play major role in contributing to the block’s outstanding volumetric efficiency.
lobes   Stable rotors
Kaeser OMEGA PROFILE rotors are manufactured from single work pieces to ensure stable, vibration-free performance with minimal sound levels. The rotor lobes are equipped with integrated sealing strips that reduce sensitivity to contaminated intake air and thermal overloading.
   Solid block casing
The ribbed design of the single-piece cast casing body ensures optimal heat dissipation and torsional rigidity.
lubrication   Optimised lubrication
Oil slinger-discs at each shaft end ensure that all relevant bearings and gears are evenly lubricated.
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