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  Rotary screw compressors
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    COMPACT series rotary blowers up to 132 kW
    Large rotary blower packages up to 250 kW
    Rotary blowers – single blocks
    Screw blowers up to 110 kW
  Genuine parts
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  Industry 4.0

Outstanding quality through advanced machining


Innovative, premium quality products
Ongoing research and development ensure that KAESER consistently maintains and extends its competitive edge to provide its customers with the most efficient, reliable and service-friendly blowers available. 

Rotor machining
State-of-the-art CNC profile-grinding systems machine the blower block rotors to micron accuracy
Powder coating
The sound enclosure receives its quality surface coating in an environmentally compatible 180 °C powder coating process. The result is a highly resilient scratch- and corrosion-resistant finish that provides exceptional protection even under the toughest conditions.
powder coating
Comprehensive testing
Before installation in the relevant unit, every blower block must successfully pass a test run at full load.
function check
Measurement and inspection
To maintain the very best in product quality, we meticulously inspect and measure every block casing to ensure that it is manufactured to within the specified tolerances.
quality control
Case machining
Just like the rotors, the casing for every KAESER rotary blower block is machined using advanced climate-controlled CNC machining centres to ensure consistently high product quality.
Flexible production
The very latest production techniques and processes ensure exceptional product quality, minimal lead time and enable customer-specific requirements to be met.
flexible machining
Peace of mind
All adjustments such as belt tensioning and alignment are carried out on site after delivery and every blower block is delivered ready-filled with oil.
sure is sure
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