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Planning and accessories for KAESER blowers


For a wide range of applications
Various rotary blower applications often require air of a specific quality: For example, some bulk materials are sensitive to heat, whilst others clump if moisture levels are too high. Another potential problem is contamination of the blower air by particles in the ambient air. As one of the world’s leading system providers, KAESER has a wide range of coolers, dryers and filters designed to cope with these and many other factors. Decades of experience in air generation and treatment also enables KAESER’s experts to precisely match each individual component to achieve optimum system performance. 
In addition, a variety of control techniques and systems allows the flow rate of every blower installation to be specifically tailored to meet actual air demand.

The desired humidity / dew-point of the blower air is achieved and maintained by using desiccant and / or refrigeration dryers.
At an ambient temperature of 20 °C, the highly efficient ACA type after-cooler is able to reduce temperature to 30 °C whilst perfectly maintaining pressure.
Application-specific vacuum or pressure filters ensure that the required air quality is achieved.
Manage up to 16 blowers
Depending on the model, the SIGMA AIR MANAGER control system is able to co-ordinate operation of 4, 8 or 16 blowers within a blower installation and ensures even load distribution between the units.
Installed within the control cabinet are: a star-delta starter (with remote operation capability), a sound enclosure ventilator control, an operating hours counter and KAESER CONTROL (the interface for KAESER's service facility).
OFC-type frequency control
Frequency control enables infinite blower speed adjustment and, with the addition of a pressure sensor, also allows pressure regulation. The control unit co-ordinates operation of the frequency controller and the blower unit. Flexibility is further enhanced by the provided signal outputs / inputs and Profi-Bus connection.
Heat exchanger
Easily integrated into heat recovery systems, the heat exchanger enables exceptional process-air cooling even at high ambient temperatures.
The operating environment ...
... is controlled by specially tailored components, such as protective gratings, fans and inlet / outlet silencers, that are designed to work seamlessly with one another.
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